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Make Your Voice Heard

Join us for the 2019 Illinois Advocacy Day in Springfield! As an Alzheimer’s advocate, you will have the opportunity to speak with legislators and draw critical attention to the advancement of Alzheimer’s public policies.

At the beginning of the day, our advocates will receive training on the Association’s policy priorities for 2019, as well as messages to carry to legislators throughout the afternoon. The Alzheimer’s Association will also provide appropriate strategies for a successful visit.

This event provides an opportunity for participants to engage with legislators. Advocates will visit several members of both the Illinois Senate and House of Representatives, sharing personal stories and asking lawmakers for their support of critical legislation designed to make Illinois a dementia-capable state.

In just one day, advocates have a chance to change the lives of nearly one million Illinois residents impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. Alongside key policy-makers who share a common vision for this cause, each individual has the capacity to make an incredible impact on how lawmakers address Alzheimer’s disease and respond to this ever-growing epidemic.

Transportation to the Capitol will be arranged from a variety of locations, with both lunch and snacks provided.

To register for the 2019 Illinois Advocacy Day on Wednesday, May 1, please click here.



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