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Why I Walk…Marie’s Story

For Mahomet resident Marie Burge, her involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association has enhanced her understanding of the term “awareness” – both awareness for the condition itself, and awareness for the precious moments that she shares with her dad.

“Alzheimer’s/dementia is incredibly hard to witness,” says Marie. “Especially when it takes away a person you love.”

Marie chooses to focus on the positive side of life’s circumstances rather than the negative since her father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. She says she is “truly thankful for every moment” that she has with him.

Marie shares that “just being with him, hearing his voice, seeing his handsome smile, holding his hand – those are the moments I am more aware of and cherish daily.”

The 2022 Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Greater Champaign/Urbana will be Marie’s fourth year involved in the event. She has been consistently involved in the Champaign, Illinois Walk as a participant and team captain for Team Pops!! in honor of her father. This year will be different for Marie: she recently joined the Volunteer Committee and is excited to be involved in the planning of the event.

Raising awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is of great importance to Marie. She shares that, while this illness is incredibly hard to witness, she feels strongly that it cannot take away the memories and feelings that we have for our loved ones.

“I try not to let Alzheimer’s define who my dad is ‘now’ because I know that is not truly him,” she shares. “The imprint/legacy he leaves on this world is a blessing that defines him much more than Alzheimer’s!”

Help Marie and Team Pops!! raise awareness at the Champaign Walk to End Alzheimer’s, or visit to find a Walk to End Alzheimer’s event in your area.

Contributor: Amanda Wisinger, Alzheimer’s Association Volunteer



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