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The Alzheimer’s Association counts on volunteers to help fulfill our mission. Thank you for all that

Research on volunteering in late life suggests that it may serve as a protective factor for cognitive health, particularly with dementia risk. Both volunteering and certain types of paid employment offer cognitive benefits, but volunteering appears to provide a higher level of cognitive protection compared to some types of paid work.

The emotionally and mentally rewarding aspects of volunteering, such as meaningful engagement and a sense of purpose, contribute to its cognitive benefits. Volunteering facilitates social connections and goal-setting, which are important for maintaining cognitive health in older adults.

In contrast, not all paid jobs offer the same cognitive advantages. Jobs that involve interacting with people or providing service tend to be more beneficial for cognitive health, while jobs involving physical labor may not offer the same level of cognitive stimulation.

Research suggests that women may derive greater cognitive benefits from both working and volunteering compared to men. The gender gap in Alzheimer’s prevalence, with women being more affected than men, is a complex phenomenon that requires further exploration beyond factors like longevity.

Are you passionate about making a difference? Join us in the critical battle against Alzheimer’s and all other forms of dementia during National Volunteer Week!

“The Alzheimer’s Association is leading the charge as the foremost voluntary health organization dedicated to eradicating Alzheimer’s. With a powerful vision of a world without this devastating disease, we tirelessly pursue our mission to accelerate global research, promote risk reduction and early detection, and provide unparalleled care and support.”

The Chapter provides opportunities for individuals, groups, and businesses. We match volunteers’ interests and skills with positions around the state. In some cases, volunteers can assist from the comfort of their homes.

Why Volunteer with Us?

Impactful Mission: At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to care and support for all those affected by dementia, both nationally and locally. Join us in providing invaluable resources, guidance, and assistance to individuals and families navigating the challenges of Alzheimer’s and related conditions.

Leading Research: We are the largest nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research, investing in groundbreaking studies to unlock the mysteries of the disease. Your involvement can contribute to innovative treatments, preventive measures, and, ultimately, a cure.

Advocacy: Our impact extends beyond research and support. As staunch advocates, we champion critical Alzheimer’s initiatives at both the state and federal levels. By amplifying the voices of those affected and advocating for policy changes, we work to ensure that Alzheimer’s remains a top priority on the public health agenda.

Ready to Join Us?

To learn more about each of our volunteer opportunities go to We look forward to speaking with you soon. Sign up now and be a vital part of our mission to combat dementia and create a world without Alzheimer’s!



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