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Navigating financial challenges and managing finances while impacted by Alzheimer’s

Living with Alzheimer’s presents unique challenges, and managing finances is often among the most daunting. However, with careful planning and support, it’s possible to navigate this aspect of the journey effectively. Here are some strategies to help individuals and families manage finances while impacted by Alzheimer’s:

1) Early Planning:

  1. Plan and organize finances as early as possible after diagnosis.

  2. Consider creating a financial plan with the help of a trusted financial advisor or attorney.

2) Power of Attorney:

  1. Designate someone to act as Power of Attorney for financial matters.

  2. This individual can manage finances, pay bills, and make financial decisions on behalf of the person with Alzheimer’s.

3) Automatic Bill Payments:

  1. Set up automatic bill payments for recurring expenses to ensure they are paid on time.

4) Simplify Finances:

  1. Consolidate accounts and streamline financial affairs to make management easier.

  2. Close unnecessary accounts and cancel unused subscriptions or services.

5) Monitor Accounts Regularly:

  1. Keep track of bank accounts, credit card statements, and investments regularly.

  2. Look out for any unusual or unauthorized transactions.

6) Protect Against Scams:

  1. Educate yourself and your loved ones about common financial scams targeting seniors and individuals with dementia.

  2. Be cautious of sharing personal or financial information over the phone or online.

7) Long-Term Care Planning:

  1. Explore options for long-term care insurance or Medicaid planning.

  2. Consider consulting with a financial planner specializing in elder care to discuss options for funding long-term care needs.

8) Legal Documents:

  1. Ensure that legal documents such as wills, trusts, and advance directives are in place and up to date.

  2. Consult with an attorney specializing in elder law to address any legal concerns or questions.

9) Seek Support:

  1. Don’t hesitate to seek support from family members, friends, or support groups.

  2. Financial advisors and organizations specializing in Alzheimer’s and dementia care can also provide guidance and support.

10) Review Regularly:

  1. Regularly review and update financial plans and documents as needed, especially as the disease progresses.

  2. Stay informed about changes in financial and healthcare laws that may affect planning and benefits.

Managing finances while dealing with Alzheimer’s requires patience, diligence, and support. By implementing these strategies and seeking assistance when needed, individuals and families can navigate the financial aspects of Alzheimer’s with greater confidence and peace of mind.



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