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Kevin’s Story: Ed Daley

Ed Daley in the local newspaper.

Kevin Daley was not a runner. In fact, he hated running. But his perspective on the sport changed in 2007 when his father, Edward Daley, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Ed loved running and carried on with the activity despite his diagnosis; he was an avid runner since the early ’80s and was slow to give it up. However, he soon become confused during his runs, which led Kevin to lace up his own running shoes. Kevin started to participate in small races with his father to help guide him. Kevin knew from that point that running provided a beautiful connection with his father.

Kevin joined Team End ALZ at the Alzheimer’s Association Boston Chapter in 2011. He ran the Boston Marathon for his father and those who have experienced Alzheimer’s disease. He ended up running six marathons including Chicago, Boston, and New York. This year, Kevin joined our Chapter’s ALZ Stars team and will run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This will be his seventh marathon, which is very special to him: his father ran seven marathons. Kevin is looking forward to doing his seventh marathon in honor of his dad. 

Kevin with his father Ed after completing Boston.

Kevin and his father were always very close. As the youngest in the family, Kevin spent a lot of time with his father. They had similar professions, looked alike, and had many other similarities. Kevin’s father Ed would run every morning in any weather condition. Running was important to Ed, and it is now important to Kevin. 

Kevin’s father passed away in 2012. Now, running helps Kevin feel connected to his father; he feels that connection whenever he crosses the finish line. Kevin will be running with team ALZ Stars in Chicago in October 2021 to honor his father. Kevin is enthusiastic about running with the Alzheimer’s Association, and helping in any other way he can to help families and individuals impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. He raises awareness and funds to support dementia research with the hope that one day fewer families will face this disease. Donate to Kevin’s ALZ Stars fundraising page and help him make a difference. To learn more about ALZ Stars and join the team, click HERE.



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