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IWCA Spotlight: Nancy Tyrrell

I work with a not-for-profit organization that provides research funding to advance treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer’s at three Chicago area universities. Funding discoveries to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s is important to me because I saw the negative effects the disease had on my husband’s uncle and law partner, Ross Tyrrell, and, in turn, on Ross’ dedicated wife and daughters.

Last Spring, IWCA invited me to attend one of their events. I stopped in to learn about the organization and was astounded at the warm welcome I received and about how the meeting was so well done! The event was held in a beautiful room and kicked off with a networking reception, including delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine, during which I met one amazing woman after another. Many had personal stories about how Alzheimer’s had affected their lives and how IWCA provided them with a way to connect to others who shared a similar story while raising awareness and taking action through fundraising events, education and advocacy initiatives.

Aimee Nolan, Chair, IWCA, reached out to welcome me to attend another event. I was flattered to be invited and was delighted to join a meeting focused on caregivers. The educational content combined with the fellowship of women members provided a wonderful combination. I was hooked. I wanted to become an official part of this wonderful organization.

When my family asked me what they could give me to celebrate Mother’s Day, I asked for the gift of an IWCA membership. I feel like that gift is one that continues to give. Through the IWCA membership, I am blessed to have met many remarkable women and proud to be associated with IWCA’s mission.



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