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IWCA Spotlight: Lourdes Cornelius

Women are at the epicenter of Alzheimer’s disease. Founded in 2017, Illinois Women Conquer ALZ seeks to engage and empower more women in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by raising awareness and taking action through fundraising events, education and advocacy initiatives.

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In this article, we feature Illinois Women Conquer ALZ member, Lourdes Cornelius.

How did you initially hear about IWCA, and why did you decide to join?

Alzheimer’s continues to affect the lives of friends who either become caregivers or are responsible for an elderly family member. I was first exposed to Alzheimer’s disease when my husband’s grandfather began going out for walks and was unable to find his way home. One of the most difficult experiences I had was leaving him in a facility as he asked “why?” It was heartbreaking. Since then, three of my friends have lost their mothers to complications of Alzheimer’s, while another one tries her hardest to manage her career and be the caregiver to her mother who is in early stages. I stumbled upon IWCA thru a general email that was probably sent by the Alzheimers Association Illinois Chapter. Once I began looking on their website, I discovered that a close friend of mine was on the board.

What has your membership been like thus far? What do you hope to accomplish as a member?

Being a member of this group has been amazing. I quickly joined the steering committee to help organize programs. The women who are part of this association are even more amazing. They are dedicated to fighting Alzheimer’s while supporting each other mentally with their personal stories as to why they have joined. Making advancements for a cure for this disease is critical. This goes beyond scientists, researchers and doctors. As a member, I’m able to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, assist in hosting educational events, and help with fundraising efforts.

Me and other IWCA members at our Fall Networking Event

Why do you think this group is important?

With membership focused on women, the conversations that we have allow our members to be more forthcoming with their personal experiences. Through these shared experiences we are able to learn from each other and apply new ideas with our loved ones.

In your opinion, why should other women join IWCA?

Why not fight this disease together? Together we are stronger, and are able to make advancements that are needed.



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