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For my Grandmother

Keefer Schoon began his love for music when he first picked up a guitar, about ten years ago. He was inspired by many rock artists like Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin and Richard Wright, of Pink Floyd. Keefer loved the sounds these artists were able to create and immediately wanted to do the same. Page is still an inspiration for him and that is noticeable throughout his album. In the past four years, Keefer became invested in composing and writing progressions on the guitar where he studies music composition at Columbia College in Chicago. Wright is who inspired him to strive for uniqueness in everything he writes and creates. 

Keefer and his grandmother

It was around seven years ago when Keefer’s grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As her condition progressed, he learned more about what may occur. He was fascinated by the hallucinations part of the disease and thought about how he could express that through music. It was not until about last year that Keefer began to construct an album that would fit around the theme of hallucinations caused by Alzheimer’s. He began writing poems that expressed what a senior may go through as their condition with Alzheimer’s progresses. As Keefer educated himself more about Alzheimer’s, it inspired him to make a full-on tribute to his grandmother, Diane Keefer Stith. This album expresses the overall theme of imbalance that goes on in one’s life with Alzheimer’s. Growing up, His grandmother played the piano for him. This is where he got the inspiration for his song, “For You,” so that he is now playing for her instead.

Keefer’s grandmother passed while he was finishing up the album on August 15th. His album, titled “Entropy,” is available to listen to on all platforms under the alias “DZ Riley.” This album follows the steady decline of a senior experiencing the various stages of Alzheimer’s disease. It is described to be a heart wrenching and equally beautiful experience that explores the psychological and emotional toll the disease has on those affected by it. All proceeds made from this album go towards the Alzheimer’s Association. 

“Entropy” album cover

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