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ALZ Stars Runner Spotlight: Stephen Farr

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is not just about ONE story – it’s thousands of stories. Read Stephen Farr’s ALZ Stars marathon runner spotlight below!

Where do you live? Right now, I live in Berrien Springs, Michigan. I am a Masters student at Andrews University studying for a Masters of Divinity with an Emphasis in Youth and Young Adult Ministry.

Is this your first marathon? This is not my first Marathon. This will be my fifth Marathon. I ran my first Marathon in Portland in 2016. I had been in a car accident only nine months before the race. My doctor told me that I would never run again. I had just completed my first ever half-marathon only three months before the accident and had already signed up to run Portland. I decided to get a second opinion. I went through physical therapy, chiropractic, massage and I ran that Marathon in three hours and 20 minutes. I ran the race wearing a shirt with my motto on it. I am the Running Man and I am running for Jesus.

What do you do when you are not training for a marathon? I am a Pastor. When I am not running marathons, I spend my time encouraging others to chase their dreams. I believe that helping others achieve their dreams is the most rewarding thing a person can ever do. I am most happy when I get to be part of helping people become the best version of themselves they have ever been. 

Why are you running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for the Alzheimer’s Association ALZ Stars team? I signed up to run for ALZ Stars with one goal in mind: I wanted to raise money to fight the disease that took my Grandfather Jack Farr’s life. I wanted to raise enough money so that I could get a chance to run this race for him and tell his story. I am not just The Running Man who is running for Jesus but in Chicago, I am also the Running Man who is “Running to Remember.” We don’t know how precious our memories are until we have to witness a loved one forget all of theirs. This October 13th, I am running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in order to celebrate and remember a man who believed in me even when no one else did. He took me in off the streets 14 years ago when I was homeless. I am now a college graduate and going back to get my Masters Degree, all because Jack Farr took a chance on me. Thank you, grandpa. I am running this race for you.

What’s on your playlist? Is there a “go-to” song that gets you moving? I love running while listening to Lauren Daigle sing. Nothing gets my heart beating like her singing does.

Do you have great fundraising tips you can share? For me, the thing that makes my fundraiser go is taking time every single day to share my passion for ending Alzheimer’s with every person who will listen. Share your heart, your story and your passion. Passion is contagious. If you believe that you can make a difference then you will! You will inspire people to join you in the battle. I may not be able to End Alzheimer’s all on my own but I believe that together we can.

What’s your pre-race meal or snack? I love to eat a cliff bar and about a half of a banana before a race. And when the race is over, I like to eat everything in sight.



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